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Peter Bradshaw’s “Cannes 2013: Nebraska” Offers a Wealth of Extra Features

In response to Peter Bradshaw’s 768‑word review of Nebraska on Guardian [UK]

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From the video review leading off the article to the to interview to be found halfway through it, Peter Bradshaw’s “Cannes 2013: Nebraska—first look review” has a wealth of content for voracious consumers of all things Nebraska. All that would be for nothing if the review itself wasn’t worth reading, but luckily it is strong enough to stand on its own.

Too many reviewers are content to let bonus content act as a crutch, propping up their weak writing, but not Bradshaw. He is a film critic who knows his subject, and he is not too modest to put his knowledge on full display.

Bradshaw draws on a wealth of extra-textual information such as the director’s filmography and the film’s possible awards competition to create a whole world surrounding Nebraska, a world inhabited by fully realized characters such as Payne himself and the film’s actors.

Cannes 2013: Nebraska is deep and multi-layered, and at the same time subtle and nuanced. Bradshaw doesn’t feel the need to broadcast his opinion, he lets the readers work it out for themselves by piecing together the various parts of the review bit by bit until they form a complete picture. That is the hallmark of a good reviewer.    

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