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Jeffrey Lyles’ Independent “Review: Kick Ass 2” Is an Experiment Gone Right

In response to Jeffrey Lyles’s 961‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Lyles' Movie Files

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Jeffrey Lyles combines the world of words with the world of imagery in a cohesive and well-formatted production with his “Review: Kick Ass 2”. With an overall balance of intriguing vernacular and visual prowess, Lyles provides an easily-read review. It hits all the basic points, expands on those points and gives a definitive conclusion.

The subtly of the background looking like lined notebook paper is a well-calculated move seeing as how high school is brought up more than once as the setting of the movie. Lyles has a total of eight movie stills in his review. Others may rely far too heavily on the images to take up space but Lyles is careful to not fall in that trap. His review is engrossing and immersive.

Lyles guides the reader through the archetypal stages of the review: actor analysis, plot, setting, and his take on the director in an intriguing way. The way his paragraphs are formatted look like a maze of sentences, with the readers making their way to the cheese at the end. Whether this was intentional or not—it’s an experiment gone right.

There are brief moments of spoilers dropped and Lyles gets caught up in a tangent about the previous movie that leads to this sequel but he recovers well enough by finding his footing and making his way to his conclusion. It’s an entertaining read and one that should not be missed.    

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