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Jeff Meyers “FilmReview: Gravity” Has All the Information Without Attitude

In response to Jeff Meyers’s 678‑word review of Gravity on Metro Times (Detroit, MI)

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In this review written by Jeff Meyers entitled “FilmReview: Gravity” is a detailed analysis of a critic’s checklist. Meyers‘ Gravity is well written and thorough, and yet the audience feels as if they are being taken through an obvious list of point that must be hit in order to have an adequate review.

All elements of the film are mentioned. The director’s vision, the acting prestige, the writing, the cinematic experience as a whole, the plot line, the main thematic elements, etc. With this deep resource of a review, a viewer would hope that vast amounts of fruitful information could be gleaned from this type of writing. Wrong.

The information is there, but the entertainment value of the piece as a whole is terribly lacking. The review is dull, simply giving audience members the necessities without any of the pizzazz.

The ability to write coherently is there, the way in which it is structured and argued seems more for research purposes than entertainment ones.

Despite the large amounts of detail included within Meyers‘ Gravity, there are little to no spoilers. Meyers goes into specific detail about the opening scene, describing not only the feel of the shots but the conversation, imagery, and overall image of the start of the film, however these elements are included within the trailers. Thusly, Meyers merely gives the audience a more in depth amping for the film itself.

The review  is informative however the way in which it has been constructed leaves an entertaining element out.    

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