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Lack of Visuals Disappoint in Jocelyn Noveck’s “Blend of Beauty”

In response to Jocelyn Noveck’s 669‑word review of Gravity on Associated Press

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Jocelyn Noveck offers a fantastic reading experience in “Film Review: Gravity is a thrilling blend of beauty, fear, and masterful special effects,” however the presentation is a catastrophic disaster.

The bad first—there is a complete lack of visuals in blend of beauty, which readers will find mind-boggling. It’s a lazy omission by Noveck, and displays a poor understanding of the audience. The absence of images or video begs the reader to find another review.

Fortunately, blend of beauty has quality content to make up for its ugly-duckling appearance. The opening sequence is a unique twist on the modern review, and shows deep care for the reader’s viewing experience.

Noveck’s writing acumen is solid, but not memorable. The energy and enthusiasm prevalent in blend of beauty however, makes for a fun read. The words move swiftly, and one may feel like a passenger in Noveck’s proverbial spacecraft.  

It’s strength may also prove it’s drawback for blend of beauty as Noveck’s pace may prove to be too fast for some. To Noveck’s credit, she is careful to acknowledge the main players, and occasionally steps back to let information sink in.  

Blend of beauty is a solid piece of work, however the the lack of visuals, especially in comparison to such visual treats as Simon Miraudo’s recent “Gravity Review” makes it all the more disposable.    

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