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Kirkland Brings Down the Heavens in “‘Thor: …Enormously Entertaining”

In response to Bruce Kirkland’s 538‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Jam! Movies

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With a mighty roar, Bruce Kirkland’s “‘Thor: The Dark World’ enormously engaging” arrives on the scene with the ambiance of a Norse God, much to the good fortune of his devoted disciples.

One who knows of Kirkland’s reputation to strike quickly and vehemently will no doubt recognize this maelstrom of nouns, verbs and adjectives the minute it appears on the horizon. Fans will cheer his triumphant return, and revere this piece as if it originated from another dimension. And those new to his work will undoubtedly become converted. It is simply a breathtaking display of what scathingly critical analysis is all about.

Every nuance of the subject is portrayed in illustrious detail and enhanced by relevant and meaningful supporting elements. The result is a blitzkrieg of brilliance that lights up the night sky. Kirkland rolls thunderously from one passage to the next, never subsiding for an instant. His technique is virtually flawless, and his aim true as he slams his analysis down with the weight of a giant sledgehammer on the unsuspecting audience. Indeed, they will welcome the enlightenment he delivers with his blow.

The only lull in this storm is near its waning moments. Kirkland oddly chooses to diminish quietly, in contrast to the havoc he wreaks up to this point. The result is a conclusion that is not as satisfying as the hype building up to it.

Despite this minor qualm, Kirkland reigns supreme over his adversaries in this thrilling and engaging literary effort. His wit is as quick as lightning and twice as deadly.    

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