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Killeen Reviews “Escape Plan”; Hilarity Ensues in “Uninspired Story”

In response to Graham Killeen’s 272‑word review of Escape Plan on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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Graham Killeen finds fertile ground to be uproariously funny in “‘Escape Plan’ shackles Schwarzenegger, Stallone to uninspired story”, a send up of Sly’s new prison break blockbuster.

With gleeful relish, Killeen derides the film for its missed opportunities, convoluted script, and “tranquilized” acting, giving the reader tangible analysis to hang on to.

When he’s not mocking the “unstylish” production design for being “less cinematic than real life”, he’s conjuring up riotous images of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in a  retirement home for geriatric action stars, where they “throw machetes at bingo boards” and “try to blow up each other’s scooters.” It’s all very fun.

Sure, the targets he gets to lampoon are beach ball-sized baseballs to Killeen’s giant bat, but he never whiffs and his zingers aren’t just there to look pretty; for the most part, they serve his arguments nicely, fit within the flow of the review, and never feel forced.  

His writing is of the short-and-sweet variety, and here he’s done an admirable job of editing himself, cutting the proverbial fat to leave you with everything you need to get in, have a laugh, and get out. If you’re into reviews that don’t take themselves too seriously, this one is right up your alley.    

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