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Joe Gross’s “Stock Fraud” Recovers From Slow Start

In response to Joe Gross’s 805‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Austin American-Statesman

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Joe Gross’s review, “‘The Wolf of Wall Street: ‘Sex, drugs and stock fraud (Our grade: C)” has what the boys on Wall Street call the “Rubber Band Effect.” For the uninitiated, that’s when, after a large selloff, the market bounces back almost immediately.  

The mass selloff here is Gross’s open, which, in an attempt to be witty, craps the bed with a description of the film that looked good on paper, but ends up not looking so great on (digital) paper.  

Thankfully, Gross recovers quickly from the opening stumble to deliver gorgeously argued, well composed piece of film criticism that could go toe-to-toe with some of the greats this latest Scorsese epic has inspired.  

Gross manages his casual, offhand tone with aplomb, making the conversational sound deep while still keeping the proceedings light and easily digestible.  

Gross has a keen sense of how his writing is effecting readers and he either pulls the reins or uses his spurs as the situation requires. For instance, just when his plot recap is about to outwear its welcome, he launches into some satisfying, witty analysis that snaps everything back into place.

Sex, drugs and stock fraud is one is deserves your undivided attention.     

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