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David Sexton’s “The Counsellor…” Twists, Turns, Nauseates

In response to David Sexton’s 803‑word review of The Counselor on This is London

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One may be familiar with car sickness—usually brought on when reading while driving. But the question begs, is it the mental strain behind the ill feeling or the text itself? In the case of David Sexton’s “The Counsellor—film review”, it’s both.

Sexton’s latest offering is no easy read. In fact, it is an exercise in patience, focus, and even physical endurance. The eyes will dart back and forth many times as the reader peruses this work, in an attempt to discern meaning from each sentence. This forces the user to exhaust massive amounts of brain fluid and puts far too much strain on the extraocular muscles.

This text has the potential to be an exceptional piece of literature, if not for the double-takes, contradictions and unnecessary analogies. Those components turn what could have been a coherent, easy digestible read into a stilted, jarring train wreck. Granted, the author is an apt enough conductor to at least return the reader back to the station in one piece. But not without a few scars.

All in all, “The Counsellor…” is a piece that should be read with extreme caution. There is a journey within and a semi-interesting one at that. Alas, there will be some bumps along the way before the reader reaches their destination. So they are advised to take their motion sickness pills—possibly even some Visine.    

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