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Edward Douglas’s “Out of the Furnace” Is Nit-Picky and Petty

In response to Edward Douglas’s 772‑word review of Out of the Furnace on

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Edward Douglas’s “Out of the Furnace Movie Review” is definitely a buzzkill. Coming off as both jaded and apathetic, the writer never truly justifies his disdain for the film other than saying that everything is a cliche.

Douglas’s writing is tolerable, there aren’t any mechanical issues, and the whole thing is easy enough to read. But even with the inclusion of some humor, it still feels largely devoid of any sort of joy.

“Out of the Furnace” highlights just why it is that critics aren’t directors. Throughout the critique there is a sense that he didn’t enjoy the film because he wasn’t the one in the director’s seat.  Douglas also emphasize a “rush rush rush” doctrine that is just not conducive to telling an effective story, and perhaps this philosophy is the reason  his argument  fails. Douglas play the role of fixer far too often here, even going as far as criticizing the ex-convict narrative because it is utilized too often. This is where most readers will more than likely pass on this review; the whole thing comes off as very jaded and pessimistic as opposed to authoritative and well-informed.

Pass on this one lads and lasses. It comes off as  unjustifiably vitriolic, and utilizes far too many spoilers to recommend to those that still might want to see the movie despite the critic’s words.    

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