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William Bibbiani’s “Comic-Con Review the World’s End” Is a Well-Written Parade of Words

In response to William Bibbiani’s 964‑word review of The World's End on CraveOnline

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William Bibbiani’s “Comic-con Review: The World’s End” is sufferably detailed, and well written enough to make most forget about its somewhat intrusive length.

Add another lengthy one to the list boys and girls. Mr. Bibbiani’s effervescent take on The World’s End comes off as both knowledgeable and fanboy-ish at the same time. He has a lot to work with so we are provided with a lot to read.

Though some might dismiss his analysis as reading too deeply into an Edgar Wright film, undoubtedly these are the same people who ruined many a Christmas by revealing *spoiler alert* there is no Santa Clause. The review goes so far to suggest that key plot points may have a Shaymalan like twist to them, giving movie goers something to think about after the flick has ended.

The beauty in all of this very little about the film is actually spoiled, which has to be a feat of some sort as most reviewers have long spoiled the big reveal shortly after the introductory sentence. Like some poor child with a full bladder during a cross country trip.

Of course you should read this detailed and well-researched take on The World’s End. However this should be pointed out. There’s well informed and there’s criminally obsessed, and that is where this review lies somewhere between those two points.

Mr. Bibbiani has left most of us with the impression that his room probably isn’t covered in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg portraits, but the door isn’t completely closed on that thought.    

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