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Jo-Ann Titmarsh’s “Gravity” Review Settles for Brisk Narration

In response to Jon Lyus’s 520‑word review of Gravity on HeyUGuys

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Jo-Ann Titmarsh’s “VIFF 2013: Gravity Review” offers plenty of detail but is rather short on analysis, making it a fine piece of fluff that ultimately doesn’t rouse much emotion one way or another.

Couched in the very British voice of its author, Gravity Review has a matter-of-factness about it that’s certainly preferable to the unrestrained verbosity that has marred this season. The blessing of this offering also happens to be its curse: it’s so very unembellished that audiences will find it difficult to care.

Gravity Review‘s first two-thirds present a spoiler-free (and analysis-free) march, a straightforward exposition that doesn’t afford much to be excited about. “Summary” about sums it up; it’s not a matter of poor execution so much as one of a dazed indifference.

The third act steps up the game a bit with some excellent imagery and revealing analysis. It contrasts so wildly with the wishy-washy prior acts that readers will be forgiven for wondering if another author was at the helm. Unfortunately for Gravity Review, it’s too little too late.

Audiences won’t be provoked one way or another by this offering, which somehow balances its pros and cons to a net result of exactly average. There are far worse ways to pass the time on a rainy Sunday.

Readers will find far better ones.    

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