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D. K. Holm’s “Fire Sale” Is a Unique Crafting but Not Deep With Critique

In response to D.K. Holm’s 1283‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Cinemonkey

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D. K. Holm has composed a strange but satisfying review with “Fire Sale.” Although the basics of the film are not explored with vigor, the main focus is on the concept of the film and how it fits in with American culture. Some Katniss-heads may be thrown off but the original piece of work is worth a read.

Fire Sale has a fantastic flow and personal feel. Holm steps back from offering a deep reflection on the film, and weaves together a tale that is entertaining if not entirely profound. Jennifer Lawrence is negated almost completely, and the critic barely mentions the supporting cast. Analysis can be found in the work, if only briefly, but it’s a small part of something bigger.

Director Francis Lawrence is given a major nod in Fire Sale, and one will certainly find the background information helpful. Holm takes the hand of the audience and offers a broader look at the world around us. The critic understand the name of the game, and reminds that the film is far from a magnificent piece of art, but rather a franchise geared towards a specific demographic. Many of the statements seem a bit obvious, but Holm offers several anecdotes that make the reading a swell time.

One may find great happiness in Fire Sale, however deep down the critique is lacking in insight. The overall effort of Holm is moving, but the failure to address basic ideas of plot and character with depth is troubling.

Fire Sale is a unique creation that may find appeal down the road.    

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