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Zacharek’s “The World’s End’ Is Likable, but Not One for the Ages” Is Pleasant Until the End

In response to Stephanie Zacharek’s 885‑word review of The World's End on Village Voice

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Stephanie Zacharek composes a nice piece with “The World’s End’ Is Likable, But Not One For the Ages”. She’s got a fresh and unique tone throughout this reasonable collection of 885 words.

Before getting underway, the reader can choose the size of the font that they prefer to read. This may seem like a minor option to some but it serves as a thoughtful touch. Sometimes the simplest choice can make all of the difference.  

One can imagine readers in the 60’s squinting over tiny text, magnifying glass in hand, slowing making out the text of a movie review for Psycho.  Our generation of movie review readers is truly blessed by the advanced technology we enjoy and The Village Voice takes full advantage of it here.

Right then! So we’ve got the opening act where Zacharek addresses the characters. She deftly balances information and prose, keeping characters straight and her writing interesting.

Her side notes of how the movie stuck in her mind after the fact add a great personal element that will surely resonate with readers. Her real strength shows when she explains the perspective of not just a viewer—but of a female viewer.

It sheds light for male readers and can give her fellow female readers insight into what they can expect.  Ending on a humorous note ties this piece up very nicely… even if it does take the tiniest stab at a minor “alternative” lifestyle.  With a fresh perspective and an eye toward reader satisfaction, this is definitely a review worth reading.    

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