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Brian Orndorf’s “I Give It a Year Preview” Can Be Skipped

In response to Brian Orndorf’s 770‑word review of I Give It a Year on

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Irrevocable, inconceivable, droll, and condescending. Does that count as a good review? Those are pretty big words and they describe the way many will feel about Brian Orndorfs review “I Give it A Year.” Orndorfs may not have learned that big words alone do not make a review quite yet.

Brian Orndorf seems less interested in writing a decent review and more interested in throwing around high grade GRE words. The path to boredom is luckily relatively short; within a paragraph you will easily be able to decide if you want to wade into these murky waters.

Not to say that a few big words here and there are a bad thing, but too many tends to disrupt the flow of the article and distracts the reader from what you are trying to get across.

However the review is not without merit as it is clear Brian understands the dynamics of romantic comedies and does a good job of conceptualizing the film.

That level of depth is tedious and unnecessary, especially if for those of his audience that do plan on seeing the movie.

Brian Orndorf’s review/preview of I give it a year can easily be skipped as the time you will have spent reading it could have been spent on other reviews that get to the point at a much more decent pace. It is sad that the best part of the review is the final sentence, even though it isn’t written any better than the other sentences.    

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