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Betsy Sharkey Looks After You in “Cloudy 2”

In response to Betsy Sharkey’s 800‑word review of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 on Los Angeles Times,0,6671981.story?track=rss

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The environmentally sound and delightful words of Betsy Sharkey highlight her latest review, “Movie review: ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2’ cooks up crazy fun.”

The Friday feast of movie reviews is a stressful time, but be aware that Betsy Sharkey is looking after you with her sumptuous offering of words.

Review: Cloudy 2 begins with a hilarious crack on the film’s animated characters, and the tone is not only light but refreshing. The words of Sharkey are the orange juice gently dropping into your glass.  

By the second paragraph, our critic takes a fair and balanced approach by addressing the social context of the first film and the effects it had on society. On the other hand, Sharkey astutely confronts the modern gag in animation and deliver a fine commentary on the success rate. She continues on with the food theme in Review: Cloudy 2 and the result is pure excitement.

The middle section of Review: Cloudy 2 will have readers cheering on Sharkey with  her rich and joyous journey that is plot description. The prose speaks to the reader and guides them through stylized character and joke  examinations. The critic pleases with her intellect, humor and playful wording, and one will most certainly smile and think, “Ahh, that dang Sharkey.”

By the glorious end of Review: Cloudy 2, the thoughtful critic has served up all that the reader is able to consume. This is a review that is plentiful and plump with information for a grand reading feast.    

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