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Dennis Schwartz Swings the World’s Tiniest Hammer in “A Familiar World”

In response to Dennis Schwartz’s 446‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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Dennis Schwartz’s fan can rejoice today as the critic is back and unintentionally better than ever with his review of the Norse God’s latest in “A familiar world in danger story that should bring yawns to all those like me who are not fans of this genre.”

Schwartz has brought all his familiar hallmarks back for this one, including his outrageously obtuse run-on sentences, his muddled logic, and yes, even his horrendously tenuous grasp of the English language. All of these elements come together in perfect harmony for some wonderfully unintended hilarity.

Just when you think Schwartz’s ineptitudes have reached their peak, he finds new ways to reinvent awfulness, giving readers head-scratching gems like “We learn that the imprisoned by his father Loki when released is prepared to betray his family whom he despises ever since his step-dad offered the succeeding throne to Thor, and we are left wondering if it was a mistake on Thor’s part to trust his brother on this vital mission.”

This is work so staggeringly terrible, it truly must be seen to be believed (the baffling comma use alone is worth the price of admission), so, if you love the so-bad-it’s-good genre, you’ll be wetting yourself with glee.

If not, bring a straightjacket.    

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