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Willie Waffle’s “‘Ender’s Game’“” Dives Head-First Into Shallow Waters

In response to Willie Waffle’s 406‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Willie Waffle’s “‘Ender’s Game’ – No Depth, But Pretty – Review” is a mediocre review that struggles to express depth, style, flow, and even correct grammar. Greeted with an okay plot summary, readers will then quickly find run-on sentences and incorrect comma usage by the end of Waffle’s first paragraph.

Waffle summons the energy to provide two good examples of two opinions in the review, but little else is offered, let alone creativity or reader engagement. Waffle has utterly failed to rise through the ranks of movie review writers, and he faces increasing difficulty with tone and pace throughout No Depth, But Pretty.  

Readers will see there is much more to explore in a review of Ender’s Game, and what Waffle attempts to reveal is conveyed with such shallow execution that were he diving into water, he would, at minimum, incur serious brain injury.

As Waffle jerkily swerves from one sentence to another, trying to grab onto a conclusive point, he delivers an epic final fail by stating Ender’s Game is better than most. The reader may wonder if Waffle meant better than most movies, in which case his “Waffle score” becomes meaningless. Otherwise, readers are sure to wonder why they took the time to read such a silly review.    

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