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Kyle Smith Is Good Time Charlie in “Breakout” but Leaves Too Soon

In response to Kyle Smith’s 457‑word review of Escape Plan on New York Post

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Kyle Smith entertains with his latest chuckler, “Breakout roles for Sly & Arnold in Escape Plan,” but leaves suddenly after dropping the mic. The highly controversial exit will be all the talk in New York City.

Readers will immediately notice the typo underneath the header image. Perhaps “Slyvester” is a nod the reader, but one can only guess.

Breakout Roles brings the laughs, and audiences will appreciate the effortless style of Kyle Smith. He doesn’t try too hard, but rather just lets the humor exude from within. The webpage is truly the canvas of the critic, and the keyboard is his paintbrush.

The style of Breakout Roles is highly commercial, and Smith does an excellent job of taking the questionable themes of the film and explaining why they work. Zingers are handed out freely, and Smith never crosses the line by becoming offensive with his material.

Breakout Roles is careful to please the audience by devoting adequate time to the leads, and even detailing scenes that one may find humorous. Smith doesn’t get too deep with the analysis, but the argument is clear: the film isn’t that great, but it’s a lot of fun.

Guess what? Breakout Roles isn’t the best review out there, but is sure is a lot of fun.    

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