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Scott Bowles Is the Investigator With All the Evidence in “Handcuffs”

In response to Scott Bowles’s 506‑word review of Escape Plan on USA Today

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Scott Bowles may surprise the cynical reader in “Escape Plan handcuffs stars with implausible story.”

The full title of Handcuffs may catch some off guard, and perhaps make one believe the critic is taking the film too seriously. However, the reader will be happy to find out that Bowles remains a true professional by making an argument and sticking to it.

Bowles begins the intriguing Handcuffs with a statement that isn’t necessarily profound or funny, but rather memorable simply because of the first word: geezers. The critic subtly lets the audience know that they can expect a fun review. The word is not aggressive enough to offend, which makes Bowles a true master of the “First Word” theory.

Handcuffs breaks down the main plot of the film with a thorough analysis, and explains the most important features of each of the lead characters. Bowles is clearly no stranger to action films of the 80’s, and proves that he is willing to look beyond the typical cliches. He carefully inspects specific plot devices, and deconstructs the success of the director’s tactics, or lack thereof,  used to make the film stand out from classic 80’s action flicks.

Scott Bowles delivers a winner with Handcuffs, and one will be unable to break free.    

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