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Dennis Schwartz Is a Dinnertime Scholar in “Gravity”

In response to Dennis Schwartz’s 915‑word review of Gravity on Ozus' World Movie Reviews

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Dennis Schwartz has the air of a distinguished, bearded scholar in his latest “Movie Review: Gravity” The critic’s words will remind one of rich mahogany, and fantastic dinner-time tales.

Review: Gravity has spellbinding and magical patience. Schwartz takes his time with deep and lengthy paragraphs, and refuses to waste the time of his loyal audience with choppy, short sentences that cover only the basics.

The opening paragraph of Review: Gravity will startle with evocative statements about the cinematic truth of the film. The critic is direct and clear, and allows no room for his words to be misconstrued.

Review: Gravity communicates visuals that float around like so many astronauts in space.  Schwartz offers poignant sentences that are always within grasp, but that also have a feeling of coming from somewhere bigger, perhaps somewhere still undiscovered. The critic has a firm command of the written word, and gently sprinkles insights on his readers.

True joy will be experienced by many in Review: Gravity through an introspective study on the cast and their performances. One will be happy with the detail covered by Schwartz, along with his classy words on the talents of director Alfonso Cuaron.  

Dennis Schwartz offers a complete reading experience for all in Review: Gravity. You should find a comfortable seat in their chair, get a cup of coffee and contemplate the words of a scholar.    

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