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Soren Anderson’s “Ender’s Game” Is Slight and Unsatisfying

In response to Soren Anderson’s 270‑word review of Ender’s Game on Seattle Times

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Soren Anderson continues his streak of barely there reviews with “‘Ender’s Game’: remarkable effects and a story with heart.”

With less words than an IKEA instruction booklet, it’s imperative that Anderson fit as much critique as humanly possible into every sentence. Sadly that’s not the case here.

He opens by praising Asa Butterfield’s performance as Ender and then he praises it, for good measure, in the middle and, oh yeah, praises it a little more, in case you’ve missed it, in the end. In other words, there’s an exorbitant amount of wasted real estate and it comes off as lackadaisical.

 In fact, Anderson picks low hanging fruit throughout the review (and even grabs a few off the ground), offering only the most superficial arguments; it’s a film with “a brain, and a heart”, “Hood’s script tracks the novel quite closely”, there’s “special-effects wizardry.”

Outside of the praise for Butterfield, that’s all readers are offered in terms of critique since the rest of the article is taken up with a rehashing of the plot.

While the word count may be out of his hands, Anderson does have control over what he does with his limited space. Here he’s failed to do much. Anderson seems indifferent to his work and so will readers.    

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