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Dujsik’s “The World’s End” Is a Waste of Space

In response to Mark Dujsik’s 1062‑word review of The World's End on Mark Reviews Movies

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Mark Dujsik’s “THE WORLD‘S END” is not a movie review at all. The opening act may appear to be setting up a wonderful foundation for the rest of the read, but this is an obvious smoke screen; do not be fooled.

Dujsik’s submission into the movie review realm is a blatant summary of the film itself. After trying to woo the readers with his back-and-forth justifications of what this film is and what it isn’t, it kamikazes into a fiery pit of nothing. It quite literally takes the reader step by step through practically every scene of the film. There is no analysis to be had here. Just an avalanche of spoilers and deadbeat rigmarole.

Dujsik does not only hold back on the analysis aspect of a review though. He apparently feels it unnecessary to provide any sort of colorful imagery or language to entertain the readers. That would have at least been something, especially since the format of the page itself is lifeless.

After reading this review, the film will be nothing but lots of flashing colors and lights on a big screen since Dujsik’s readers will already know what is going on and what’s about to happen next. Dujsik has much better offerings than this one, and The World’s End has produced much better reviews than this one. Whether you want a great review for The World’s End or you want to read some of Dujsik’s work, look elsewhere.    

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