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David/Jeanne Kaplan’s “Our Review” Ultimately Implodes

In response to David Kaplan’s 647‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Kaplan vs. Kaplan

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David and Jeanne Kaplan offer a good deal of evidence in “Our Review”, but ultimately it ends up being too circumstantial to be plausible.

The more minor of this work’s massive flaws is disclosure. Too much can sabotage even the greatest of literary works—which is exactly what happens here. The authors probe their subject with a fine-toothed comb, to the point that they ultimately rehashe existing material rather than produce something original. Perhaps they should even be sued for plagiarism.

Ironically, despite the Kaplans’ forensics-level analysis, their synopsis suggests favoritism. They appear to make a premeditated determination before the subject is properly explored.

The value of a whole is not necessarily determined by the sum of its parts. Sometimes the parts fit, sometimes they don’t. In either case, the authors have clearly pieced the jigsaw puzzle together in their heads beforehand. They don rose tinted spectacles as they formulate their rhetoric to portray a well-oiled machine—when in truth, it may not be. This does not serve the audience, other than to provide a skewed version of reality.

There is something to be said of investigative research, provided it’s conducted properly. Tampering with evidence to fit preconceived notions of how things should be is both delusional and dangerous. Hence, the reader is advised to steer clear of this crime scene and do their own analysis.    

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