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Ian Buckwalter Focuses on the Other Lawrence in “Real Heat”

In response to Ian Buckwalter’s 795‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on NPR

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Ian Buckwalter brings the intellectual heat in his deeply touching “Catching Fire: The Hunger Games, Now With Real Heat.” The critic shines a light on the less popular Lawrence of the franchise, director Francis Lawrence, and Buckwalter’s devotion is honorable and true. It’s not difficult to imagine the critic as a mighty warrior of the written word in the next film.

Real Heat is captivating from the first sentence. Buckwalter tells a chilling story that immediately addresses the power of the new direction and Francis Lawrence’s ability to show the cold, brutal world that is Panem. Television executives are apparently scrambling to get “Buckwalter’s Anatomy of a Scene” on the airwaves for Christmastime. Fingers crossed.

The dedication to structure makes Real Heat a remarkable review. The critic refuses to soak the reader in razzle dazzle, and properly explains the ins and outs of the film. Direction? Boom. Knowledge bombs are dropped left and right. Structure? Kaplow! Feel the Buckwalter rain of precision writing. It’s an adult review that will likely intimidate the most snobbish review connoisseurs.

Buckwalter concludes Real Heat with several paragraphs on Katniss and Jennifer Lawrence. The audience will have experienced the deep insight of the critic by this point, and he offers a classy desert for one to devour. Brains will freeze from the fantastic critique and a collective “Buckkkk…. walter,” will surely ring out in the world of film criticism.

Real Heat by Ian Buckwalter is the real deal. Essential reading.    

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