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Donald Clarke Didn’t Like the Film So Plot Is Ignored in “The Counsellor”

In response to Donald Clarke’s 624‑word review of The Counselor on Irish Times

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Oh, boy. Prepare yourself for yet another critic who backs off from critique simply because the film wasn’t enjoyed. To the credit of Donald Clarke, he produces an entertaining and well-written work with “Film Review: The Counsellor,” but basks in the glory of his own prose without proper breaking down the actual film.

It’s difficult to be too hard on Clarke’s The Counsellor because Donald Clarke gives more effort than most offended  critics. When he is on, he is most certainly on—especially when addressing the cinematography of Darius Wolski. However, at the end of Clarke’s brief plot summary, he states that a “complex drug deal” is “too boring to explain.” The epitome of top shelf criticism to be sure.

Of course the critic must reference the vagina-fish scene, but why explore the characters? Clarke scoffs at the plot, but doesn’t seen to understand it might help the reader.

The majority of Clarke’s The Counsellor is dressed-up writing that doesn’t allow one to care much about what Clarke is actually trying to get at. Mission accomplished? After all—he didn’t like the film. Unfortunately, the idea of a informative critique appears to have gone bye-bye when Clark left the movie theatre.    

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