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“Prisoners” by Rene Rodriguez Delivers via Originality

In response to Rene Rodriguez’s 733‑word review of Prisoners on Miami Herald

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Rene Rodriguez proves his importance to film criticism with “Prisoners”, a jarring and and insightful composition.

Rodriguez dives into the main plot points from the onset, and stays clear from any single statement to summarize his convictions. It’s not problematic, but could have been beneficial to the overall presentation.

The opening paragraph is of crucial importance by noting the personal characteristics of one the two main leads, and this review stands apart by noting the light-hearted side of Hugh Jackman’s character. It’s an intelligent observation by Rodriguez as the common critic has tended to focus on the darker side or opt for the flippant Wolverine reference. Rodriguez marks his territory and it’s a spectacular move.

What is truly enjoyable about the read is that Rodriguez doesn’t feel the need to explain A, B and C to reader. Instead he treats them with respect by explaining the key plot points, but moves on to provide a unique and intellectual analysis.

One of the outstanding accomplishments of Rodriguez is how he describes the treatment of a dog by one of the suspects. It’s a small plot point that has not gotten a lot of attention or mention, and the inclusion by the critic is refreshing.  

“Prisoners” by Rene Rodriguez is the work of a contemporary master. The writing is crisp and the execution is remarkable. Put this on your reading list and check it off immediately.    

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