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Steve Biodrowski’s “Thor: The Dark World Film Review” Sends Mixed Signals

In response to Steve Biodrowski’s 1114‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Cinefantastique

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Steve Biodrowski’s “Thor: The Dark World” is a lukewarm closer. It starts of well and for the most part reads like a good movie-thrashing review but near the end the critic nearly derails all the preceding paragraphs with his wavering stance.

Based on the entirety of the review one would suspect that Biodrowski enjoyed Thor as much as he would electroshock therapy. The critic goes so far as to call it “the most convenient superhero movie ever” and in this case it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to replace the word convenient with stupid.

After spending a paragraph  enumerating the many ways the film is convenient he goes on to outline the seemingly dense film.  However as you are rounding the final part of the review Biodrowski backpedals a bit, perhaps not wanting to come off as overly cynical. Even with this miscue the review comes off professionally and well written.   

For those who need to fill up on spoilers, pull up to the table. This review is full of them. Mind you they are all clearly marked but that doesn’t take away form the fact that they really don’t add anything to the overall review.

Biodrowski’s piece is good however he is a bit shaky on commitment to a position. If the film was bad than call it bad don’t call it bad and then near the end and  say “well it wasn’t as bad as I would have you believe.”  If you plan on reading this go in knowing that 95% of the time he is on point and that magical 5% should probably be ignored.    

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