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Honesty Is the Warmest Feeling in “Ender’s Game” by Kristy Puchko

In response to Kristy Puchko’s 736‑word review of Ender’s Game on

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Prepare to be owned by honesty. Kristy Puchko writes with a fine keystroke in her inspiring, “Ender’s Game.” It’s a story of one not reading the book as background context, but experiencing a film in a natural state and being moved.

Puchko’s Ender’s Game is a joy to read and easy on the eyes. Cinema Blend has classic web page beauty, which is complimented by the header image. Puchko’s thorough introduction improves the experience, and the dynamic final words of the open may cause one to drool. This technique is known as “The Puchko Effect“and is quickly gaining momentum.

The writing of Puchko’s Ender’s Game is crisp and the paragraphs exude the confidence of a great structural mind.  The preparation for the reader is just plain fantastic. Puchko’s plot summary is not entirely captivating, but moves along nicely and will cause Friday perma-grin.

The analysis of Asa Butterfield’s performance is the highlight of Puchko’s Ender’s Game. Puchko explains the difficulties of becoming the character, and how the young actor brings a sense of truth to the role. The critic touches on the supporting cast only briefly, but readers probably won’t even notice the thin analysis given the completeness of the review. Puchko doesn’t break any new ground with the critique, however certainly makes her mark in the review game. The conclusion is a perfect ending to the review.

Puchko’s Ender’s Game is the work of one who understand how to reach the audience.    

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