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Roger Moore’s Headache-Inducing “Gravity” Review Mostly Summarizes

In response to Roger Moore’s 530‑word review of Gravity on McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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Roger Moore’s “Movie Review: Gravity” is summary, in both analysis and context. This is because summary is nearly all that’s delivered in a headache-inducing wall of text that’s nearly devoid of actual analysis.

MR: G doesn’t tend toward the wordy side of the form, not really; but the presentation of the piece—a single act, no breaks—renders a full reading an interminable exercise of the human will. Readers who make the attempt should be observed by scientists in a bid to understand the fragility of the human mind, in which case, Moore’s review might be considered tantamount to, say, penicillin.

Moore spends his time telling half of a story. It’s more than the reader bargained for in terms of straight-ahead detail, but it’s not routinely awful. It simply lacks the precision of a work that keeps its audience square in its sights. What MR: G succeeds in is leaving just enough to the imagination not to get in the way of the reader’s experience.

Bits of analysis towards the end present something close to a review, but it’s difficult to conceive of readers staying with the piece instead of exiting for more entertaining and intellectually gratifying fare.

This isn’t the work of a novice, but neither is it the work of an artist in careful control of his craft. Combined with the frustrating issue of presentation, a positive recommendation is entirely out of the question.    

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