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Josh Bell Is a Big Swingin’ Critic in “Marvel Cog”

In response to Josh Bell’s 428‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Las Vegas Weekly

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Josh Bell swings a heavy hammer of criticism in his latest sizzler “Film Review: Thor: The Dark World Is Just A Marvel Cog.” The critic isn’t God-like with deep analysis, however each paragraph brings the heat. Bell may just be the much talked about “Big Swingin’ Critic.”

First of all, the header image of Marvel Cog is absolutely spectacular. Although the characters of Thor and Jane look deeply confused, one will certainly feel a tingle inside   and holler out “Let’s do this, Bell.”

Although Marvel Cog is a solid critique, the Thor nerds of the world will be depressed to learn that Bell says little about Chris Hemsworth. Perhaps he doesn’t need to though. The critic is upfront from the start by stating that Thor is “mostly one-dimensional,” however a little more insight could have improved the quality of the review.

Bell is a great Malekith-Loki mind in Marvel Cog, and it would be nice to see future works from the critic that are more expansive across the board. The critique doesn’t feel rushed, and the writing is quite enjoyable, which makes it somewhat troubling that Bell never produces more than four paragraphs. Perhaps it’s not his call, but the world definitely needs them some Bell.

Marvel Cog is a short but powerful piece that swings down the hammer of critique with force and vigor.    

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