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Mad Dog Bradley’s “Gravity Review” Is Visual Heaven but Content Hell

In response to David 'Mad Dog' Bradley’s 211‑word review of Gravity on Rip It Up

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David ‘Mad Dog’ Bradley is the ultimate tease in his latest work “Gravity Review.”

The visuals of “Gravity Review” are breathtaking and one will squint from the supreme power of the page layout. The black and white contrast mixed with the enormous Clooney image is sheer genius, and one will be expecting the content to be equally pleasing.

Review opens up nicely with context on director Alfonso Cuaron, and makes a clear statement to build on. Sadly, the one known as Mad Dog fails to live up to the nickname and provides more of a puppy review.

When a critic begins with “The plot is simple,” one can either expect very big things or absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, Mad Dog offers the latter in Review.  The critic vaguely addresses the main theme of the film, and briefly notes the cast. Beyond that there is only darkness, and the reader is pushed out the door of the review capsule.

One will be stunned at the end of Review, and ponder what exactly they are supposed to feel. Mad Dog states that the film “is the best mainstream American of the year thus far,” but completely abandons his reader by failing to expand on the big and bold statement. This is not an action in tune with one that is named Mad Dog. Let’s hope the critic didn’t nickname himself.    

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