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Michael Leader’s “Escape Plan” Is a Cerebral-Sexual Thriller of a Review

In response to Michael Leader’s 547‑word review of Escape Plan on Film4

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Michael Leader’s latest creation “Escape Plan” will remain in the minds of readers long after the final word. The writing of the critic is crisp, entertaining and surprisingly laced with sexual references.

Escape Plan has phrases like “Sexagenerian”, “fantasy villains” and “kinky henchman” which could potentially make one think they are reading a piece on “50 Shades of Grey.” Leader may please some with this style, however most will find it out of place in a review about aging action stars.

The opening paragraphs of Leader’s Escape Plan serve up a healthy dose of context for the reader, and also addresses the intellectual capacity of the film. One will feel their brain working hard via the gentle writing of Leader.  

Leader’s Escape Plan is quite Dickensian with a “Best of Times, Worst of Times” approach by offering an insightful take of the conceptual themes on the two halves of the film.

Although Leader doesn’t devote much time to the supporting cast, audiences will appreciate the focus on the two leads, as they are obviously the ticket-sellers. The critic takes his time with a look at the modern selling points of the two stars as a combo, and closes out on a classy note.

Escape Plan is smart and has a little bit for everyone to enjoy.    

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