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Taylor’s “For Two Mismatched Newlyweds, a Very Odd ‘Year’” Is Witty and Direct

In response to Ella Taylor’s 633‑word review of I Give It a Year on NPR

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There are more than a few jabs thrown in this little tussle between I Give It a Year and Ella Taylor “For Two Mismatched Newlyweds, a Very Odd ‘Year’”.

Taylor wastes little time in getting to the heart of the issues regarding the film. Everything from the usage of leads to the soundtrack gets the TSA treatment.

Unlike many reviewers Taylor is extremely thorough in running down every single plot device and gag. This is a blessing, especially if even after this verbal punching bag session you feel the need to see the movie. The writing is witty and direct, and still manages to be conversational.

It would be hard to imagine many people seeing I Give It a Year based on Ella Taylor’s review of the film. Her recommendation is too strong to be ignored.

The overall visual appeal of the review could be improved. The attempt to put crucial but uninteresting information off to one side falls flat due to a lack of border and the whole exercise is rather colorless and bland.

Despite these shortcomings, Taylor made sure her audience was at least equipped with the basic understanding of the film, and whether or not it lies within their range of tastes.    

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