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Jason Anderson’s “Gravity” Is Intentionally Lean on Exposition

In response to Jason Anderson’s 330‑word review of Gravity on The Grid

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Jason Anderson’s “Gravity” is an all but prosaic look at the groundbreaking film. With a dynamic setup and an eye for visuals this review goes a step beyond what is required of it.

Anderson ponders the more technical aspects of the film Gravity in his review of the same name. This no-frills review doesn’t dance around its subject matter. It follows the classical three-paragraph format, one of which primarily focuses on plot. With this limited space, the writer works the floor touching on everything from editing to the acting, which is a feat in and of itself. The writing is lean and gets to the point. There should be no doubts about how the critic views the film.

The key areas that Anderson focuses on critically are the visuals, the story-line and the score. The score as the critic points out has a way of cutting the silence of space and interrupting the flow of the movie, and the critic takes particular umbrage to this fact. The story-line is apparently a bit on the side of cliche according to the critic. His criticisms and arguments are at the very least valid and stay consistent throughout the review.

The review and the site are both rendered marvelously. The Grid’s monochromatic scale is a decidedly elegant backdrop for which simple lines and geometric shapes surround wonderfully written prose in a celebration of all that is culture and other varied subject matter. It’s a great atmosphere to house this terrific example of how satisfying a short review can be.    

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