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Guy Lodge Scoffs and Exits the Building in “The Counsellor”

In response to Guy Lodge’s 257‑word review of The Counselor on Time Out

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Attention readers of Guy Lodge: prepare for a scathing,  four-paragraph piece, and understand that the critic did not enjoy the film. A comprehensive critique will come on another day, dear readers, but not for this film. Enjoy the Lodge, and enjoy the supreme scoff.

Guy Lodge is a fantastic critic, however The Counsellor is beyond disappointing. The tone reminds of someone who abruptly exits a restaurant if the meal is not up to standards. Hey, that is quite all right, but surely the innocent reader deserves a comprehensive critique from their favorite critic. They didn’t make the film after all, well, maybe they did, who knows.

The writing of Lodge is magnificent in The Counsellor, and he undoubtedly knows that. However, is that where it ends? Four paragraphs of takedown prose that leads the audience nowhere? The superb writing will surely be all the talk in the world of film criticism, but Lodge seems to forget his his audience.

Lodge acknowledges that a drug deal takes place in The Counsellor, and that Michael Fassbender and Javier Bardem are involved. Unfortunately, he fails to expand on the “nihilistic psychology“or the specifics of Ridley Scott’s direction.

Of course Lodge is prepared to devote a full paragraph of dressed-up writing on the windshield sex of Cameron Diaz. End of review. Understand that Lodge can write, but look elsewhere to find a critic that will properly break down the film.    

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