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Everything Is by the Numbers in Jordan Hoffman’s ‘I Give It a Year’ Microreview

In response to Jordan Hoffman’s 238‑word review of I Give It a Year on New York Daily News

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Everything is bland by the numbers in Jordan Hoffman’s micro review of I Give it a Year, “‘Blood,’ ‘I Give It a Year,’ movie reviews.”

One thing is for certain; at the very least we know that Jordan enjoyed the film. How everyone else fares does not really seem to concern our busy little conveyor belt of a critic. The two big paragraphs are spent giving you the framework of the film, and after that, we are treated to a total of five sentences.

This is not to say that quantity equals quality, but when more time is spent setting up a review then critiquing it there is certainly a problem.

If one chose to read only Hoffman’s “extensive” review of the film they would live their entire life under the impression that I Give It a Year was first and foremost a trailblazer in charade jokes. It would be an understatement to say that Hoffman’s focus seems to be myopic, esoteric, and almost comically off course.

The biggest reason to avoid this review is that Hoffman himself doesn’t seem to be trying. This isn’t a poorly executed labor of love, this is a poorly execute chore, and as such can’t be recommended.    

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