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Steven Rea’s “Kick-Ass 2 Falls Flat on Its…” Is Average and a Bit Confused

In response to Steven Rea’s 391‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on Philadelphia Inquirer

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As they say in the review-of-review world, “Huh?” In the annals of Steven Rea’s “Kick-Ass 2 Falls Flat on its…”, readers are presented with a quandary. Is Rea scared of using rude words unless he has to?

Sure, he says the film is “lame.” But that isn’t exactly a thesis. Delving deeper in the review, it becomes clear that Falls flat is a retreat of a familiar story, a story so often told in fact, that it is barely tolerable. The same admonition of Hit-Girl. The same “things just aren’t the same now” arguments without any more to their veracity than stating the obvious.

Once Rea gets to the plot, it’s a short, sweet, uninspired affair, with the same  refusal to name the villain that can be found in most of Rea’s more high-minded colleagues.

Amazingly, Rea doesn’t delve into what made the first Kick-Ass film work. Instead, he assumes such truth is already known. This is a risky move that will work for some, leaving others out of the loop.

Then, in a parting shot across the bow, Rea uses a film quote to make fun of the film, and indicts it for being a pointless affair.  Unfortunately, the work self-indicts itself on that point, as there is so much dead air in Rea’s work, in such a short review, that it will be no small feat if this review impacts anyone with the capacity to think.    

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