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James Rocchi’s “Review: ‘Catching Fire’” Avoids Criticism Like the Plague

In response to James Rocchi’s 733‑word review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire on Cinephiled

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Seeming to adhere to the “flattery will get you everywhere” school of thought, James Rocchi heaps unconditional praise upon Hunger Games: Catching Fire in “Review: ‘Catching Fire. ‘” He has the enthusiasm of a school girl with a mega-crush, and at times it’s a little embarrassing.

Take his assertion, for instance, that the original Hunger Games movie was “the most interesting, best-made, ambitious and purely enjoyable American science fiction film since The Matrix.” Given the mixed reviews for Hunger Games at the time, that seems like a pretty dubious statement and undercuts his credibility when it comes to reviewing the sequel.

Add to that the fact that there is literally not a single even remotely negative statement about Catching Fire in the rest of the review, and it starts to seem like a pitch more than a piece of film criticism. After all, if the film did not score a perfect rating, then there must be something to find fault with.

Whatever that fault is, though, readers are not made privy to it in Review: ‘Catching. Instead, it’s like watching a victory parade where the movie is a newly-crowned child monarch being shown off to the crowd. If the crowd looks past the pageantry, there is little of substance underneath.    

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