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Amon Warmann Keeps It Fresh and Relevant in “Plan Review”

In response to Jon Lyus’s 514‑word review of Escape Plan on HeyUGuys

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Amon Warmann composes himself in his latest work, “Escape Plan Review,” and delivers a fine performance that is smart and piercing.

The opening of Plan Review isn’t ground-breaking with the usual 80s nod to the leads, however Lyus makes a clear statement for the reader. It’s a good start for the critic, and immediately captures the attention of the audience.

Amon Warmann doesn’t confine himself to the classic structure of plot description in Plan Review, which makes it unique and fresh. The critic injects personal commentary that will undoubtedly please the reader. One can ramble through three paragraphs of boring description, but Warmann keeps the reader attentive and curious of what they can learn.  

Plan Review devotes a paragraph to analysis of the script, and transitions smoothly into an intriguing commentary on the two leads. Warmann is mindful of the reader, and provides information on Stallone and Schwarzenegger that is interesting and relevant. Some critics like to relish in the past exploits of the duo, but Warmann stays current. The audience will be thankful, and jot down the name of the critic as a memento of the experience.

Plan Review isn’t one of the best, but is certainly a review that you won’t regret seeking out.    

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