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Clint O’Connor Is Opening Act for Real Reviews in “Testosterone Tanks”

In response to Clint O'Connor’s 412‑word review of Escape Plan on Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Here’s a scenario: Clint O’Connor sits at his desk and decides that he’s going to try to get some laughs with the next review. One will appreciate the effort, but unfortunately the critic fails to supply any meaningful analysis.

Testosterone Tanks could have been successful with decent jokes, however the humor is plain lazy. If one is going to throw aside the concept of analysis, then the critic must capitalize on the comedy aspect.  

O’Connor opens up with a lame joke that can be seen in almost every review out there, and shows little respect for the intelligence of the reader. Sure, it’s fine to reference the classic films of the two leads, but the snarky 80’s reference is just weak.  

To make matters worse, the critic follows up the brutal open by noting “The S Factor” of Stallone and Schwarzenegger (because their last names begin with “S”.) The “S” joke is troubling and mildly offensive. And so the synopsis ends… one will sigh and hope for the best.

Testosterone Tanks is almost all plot summary, which is the worst kind of review. O’Connor offers two paragraphs of boring description after the synopsis, and closes out with vague statements on the director and leads. That’s it, folks. Look somewhere else for any type of actual analysis.    

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