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David Nusair Makes One Dream of Multi-Paragraph Criticism in “Nebraska”

In response to David Nusair’s 246‑word review of Nebraska on Reel Film Reviews

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David Nusair is back with another paragraph of rushed critique in “Nebraska”,  which can be enjoyed while on the subway, toilet or whenever you might have an extra sixty seconds of free time. Readers may want to have a shot of their favorite grown-up beverage to slam at the conclusion. The work will not provide a deep burn of Nusair Knowledge, but a drink may help one achieve the effect.

One can appreciate the craftiness of Nusair’s prose in Nebraska, but it would be enjoyable if the composition wasn’t muddled together in one long paragraph. Throw the reader a paragraph space or two, and allow one to have a stress-free reading experience.

Nusair squeezes out has much as he can in the two-hundred-fifty word piece, but there is not enough context to give the analysis any oomph. Audiences need their oomph, and most doctors agree that a little razzle dazzle is beneficial for one’s health.

Nebraska is yet another review that lets one know that something is “worth noting,” rather than producing critique. For example, “it’s worth noting, too, that Forte does a surprisingly good job in a rare dramatic role.” Well, fantastic, says the reader, thanks for dropping that insight bomb on me. There is apparently “a smattering of Oscar-worth performances,” but Nusair’s hypo-review doesn’t address such things.

We all want to live in a world where David Nusair produces more than one paragraph of film criticism. That day shall come.    

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