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John Urbancich’s “‘Prisoners’” Holds Key to the Obvious

In response to John Urbancich’s 372‑word review of Prisoners on Sun Newspapers of Cleveland

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John Urbancich’s “Mood holds key to long and dark ‘Prisoners’” is quite short and not at all insightful. Urbancich lets the reader know the movie is long and that the plot unfolds through the details. His penchant for stating the obvious is consistent throughout the review.

Urbancich does a great job of not spoiling any of the plot for the reader, and he manages to squeeze out a little contextual information. His style is easy and readable, although he definitely, surely—certainly—enjoys positive adverbs. This review skirts with opinion and only sticks a big toe in once.

Certainly, Means’ methodical efforts will never be enough for the rubberneck reader, whose occasionally less-than-perfect discernment skills may or may not incite a number of reasons to cease reading.

The review is located on an advertisement-riddled web-page, although the internal paragraph links are actually movie-related.

The reader may not see the end of this review coming as it does so with lightning-speed. For the potential movie watcher who needs reassurance that the obvious things about Prisoners are truly that obvious, this is the perfect review.

For the reader who wants more than a lesson in time-management skills and reliable characters, this review is too silly for serious consideration.    

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