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Stephen Witty’s “Sex, Drugs, Cruz” Is a Thrilling Ride

In response to Stephen Whitty’s 659‑word review of The Counselor on Newark Star-Ledger

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Stephen Witty is the blunt middleman in his latest piercing work “The Counselor review: Sex, drugs, Cruz, Diaz and Pitt. And it’s still dull.” The critic is clearly not pleased with the film, but offers a biting critique that is humorous and intellectual.

Sex, Drugs, Cruz begins with a bold look at the work of legendary author Cormac McCarthy, who penned the script. Witty refuses to hold back and unleashes Witty-isms left and right that have the potency of the meanest movie baddies. The critic is definitely not a bad man, but he is a “bad man” in the Muhammad Ali sense. He delivers a knockout with biting prose of fury.

One will find plenty to think about in Sex, Drugs, Cruz, as the critic deconstructs the physical appearances of characters, shock value, the flaws of the plot and the work of the director. Witty doesn’t just complain and abandon the reader—he backs up his statements with the style of the greatest counselors.

Sex, Drugs, Cruz isn’t comparable to criticism of the French New Wave, but it makes an effort for the reader and keeps them entertained. Witty does his job and does it well. Overall, it’s a thrilling ride.    

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