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Jules Brenner’s “Wall Street” Is Mostly Bear and Only a Little Bull

In response to Jules Brenner’s 381‑word review of The Wolf of Wall Street on Cinema Signals

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One thing can be said about Jules Brenner’s “The Wolf of Wall Street;” it’s not as bad as it looks.

That is, the site’s visuals continue to be distractingly horrific. As a point of reference, remember that paper clip assistant from Windows ‘95? It looks like his bathroom after he ate some bad Chinese food and had it coming out of both ends. Cinema Signals also boasts the worst logo in criticdom, a distinction that puts it high in the running for worst logo the world has ever seen.  

So, depending on how much weight you put on presentation, Brenner’s piece has no where to go but up. And it does, but not by as much as you’d hope.

The writing is uneven; at times, Brenner dazzles with well formulated, syntactically sound, even profound sentences, but, at others, he stumbles mightily and any accumulated caché gets wasted. Part of the problem is that Brenner’s tone is too conversational. A little less familiarity would go a long way here.

There are a couple rookie mistakes. First, Brenner falls victim to the “in my opinion” blunder (you’re a critic reviewing a film—the audience knows it’s your opinion). Second, Brenner wants you to know he knows about trading stock and he needlessly injects too much of himself into the proceedings.

It all adds up to a review that’s not worth reading.     

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