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Jonathan W. Hickman’s “Review: ’Gravity’” Is Streamlined

In response to Jonathan W. Hickman’s 554‑word review of Gravity on Daily Film Fix

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Jonathan W. Hickman’s “Review: ‘Gravity’” cuts to the chase with an affirmative message that is well-written and palatable for the masses. Right from the beginning, Hickman performs an informative plot summary dive, and he does it so coolly the reader may not even be fully aware of being immersed by his words until the review is well underway.

Hickman’s use of the first-person perspective grabs the reader’s attention and plays out well for him, in a voyeuristic if not all-together kitschy sort of way. With an interesting contextual backdrop of relevant tidbits and a fairly clean web-page presentation, Review: Gravity is like a mini-blockbuster that has lots of handsome gimmicks to keep the reading audience engaged.

Some readers may find Hickman’s exceptionally high praise of Gravity  dubious, yet such an approach that embraces absolutely no maligned criticism certainly succeeds at streamlining Review: Gravity for mainstream reading audiences.  

Hickman’s review is tantamount to “pretty please, watch this movie, with sugar and icing on top,” but overall, the quick pace and informative style of Review: Gravity is a nice respite from the stress of life and such daily burdens as having to ponder whether or not to go see Gravity at a local theater.    

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