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Tim Grierson’s “Ender’s Game” Is a Magical Treat for All

In response to Tim Grierson’s 953‑word review of Ender’s Game on Screen International

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Whoa, Tim Grierson! The devoted fans of the critic, and readers worldwide, will be thoroughly pleased with his latest, “Ender’s Game.” Grierson’s fascinating review has a bit for everybody.

Stylish title? One won’t find it in Ender’s Game, but don’t worry because the content is breath-taking. The critic writes of youth, wise old men, war, and offers an epic tale of fantasy that will surely stun the audience and make them whip out their phones for show times. Somewhere a voice will be heard saying “Grierson did it. He has mastered the review-to-phone technique.”

Grierson takes the reader on a journey from late 70s all the way to the modern box office. The review is rich in history and social relevance, which immediately places the work in the canon of brilliance.

The character analysis in Grierson’s Ender’s Game is simply special. Grierson is able to convey the essence of young Ender’s personal traits with a curious eye, which shows he is in tune with the reader’s needs. The commentary is lengthy, and readers will walk away with a specific knowledge of the character. The critic doesn’t spend too much time on the rest of the cast, but focusing the review on Ender works out well for the tone of the piece.

Grierson’s Ender’s Game explores the significance of the film, and Grierson has created not only a good review, but an extremely memorable one.    

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