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Jonathan W. Hickman’s “Thor Review” Is “Whoa… Wow” Weak (Rare)

In response to Jonathan W. Hickman’s 615‑word review of Thor: The Dark World on Daily Film Fix

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Whoa. What is up with this “review,” Jonathan W. Hickman? In the critic’s latest work (?), “Review: Thor: The Dark a World,” he describes the film for six paragraphs and rattles off a few thoughts in the conclusion. One may simply whisper out “wow” upon finishing. It’s a brutal experience.

One of the essentials of film criticism is to acknowledge the director, and Hickman fails to mention Alan Taylor even once in Review: Thor. This obviously means that the reader will learn nothing about how the director made the film different from Kenneth Branagh’s original, and one certainly won’t become a great Asgard mind.  

At one point Hickman states “I’ve never read the books, so I’ll probably get this wrong,” which shows how disinterested the critic is. He appears to want to acknowledge that he saw a press screening of the film, but is sadly unable to critique it like a big boy critic does.

There is little character analysis in Review: Thor other than a few thoughts in the close, and Hickman fails to provide more than a single sentence to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. The review is literally six paragraphs of summary followed by a few thoughts. One may ponder what the actual point of the work is. Hickman saw the film?

Review: Thor has no business calling itself a “review.”   

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