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Williams’ “Review—Kick Ass 2” Lacks Any Factual Foundation

In response to Cameron Williams’s 441‑word review of Kick-Ass 2 on The Popcorn Junkie

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Cameron Williams’ loses a lot of respect after turning in “Review—Kick Ass 2”, a review full of baseless accusations and simple spelling errors. If one is going to turn something in for the masses to read—they should at least have the decency to thoroughly check their spelling—especially when the mistakes are so easy to catch.

Williams opens with a seemingly refreshing intro, a humorous beginning to his review adventure. However the attempt fails horribly as he can’t even manage to spell the target of his attack’s name correctly.

Williams spouts off his take on this film but the foundations of many of his views are full of spoilers. This review is 90% personal and it shows. It also weakens all of the arguments made by the reviewer.

The sentences are structured in a painful way. It is a difficult review to read since each sentence is so choppy. This problem is most egregious during the middle (aka the “meatiest”) part of the review.

There is no substance to be found here. Williams simply scratches the surface from beginning to end in this review—making claims that are not supported by any sort of facts. Instead, he comes off as a whiny viewer who wants to rant and have others read his baseless words.    

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