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Tim Grierson Is a Melancholy Drama Master in “Nebraska 2013”

In response to Tim Grierson’s 1004‑word review of Nebraska on Paste Magazine

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You can’t escape Tim Gierson. The vision of the critic is quickly becoming all the talk in the review world, and some maintain that he is slowly transforming into a critic-walking movie theater hybrid. How can one man convey his observations with such precision? After reading “Nebraska (2013 Cannes Review)” one may imagine Grierson in the back row—deep in thought—and contemplating what knowledge bombs to drop on his audience.

The Cannes background of Nebraska 2013 is a real treat. One will immediately reposition in their seat and slowly move their head closer to the screen. Cannes, you say? Proceed, Grierson, proceed.

Grierson communicates the formulas of past Alexander Payne works in Nebraska 2013, and informs the reader why the latest is not unlike its predecessors. The critic has an excellent grasp of melancholy films that feature snippets of comedy as opposed to the other way around.

Nebraska 2013 is special because Grierson makes an argument and sticks with it throughout, while making sure to cover all themes of the film. The lead performances are dissected with vigor, and the black and white is sufficiently critiqued. The main focus, however, is on the drama. The critic explains why specific scenes feel technical rather than taking place organically. Grierson is on point and he knows it. The reader will surely cherish the experience.

Tim Grierson moves from point to point in Nebraska 2013 with ease and class. The critic is fair with his criticism, and makes sure to offer the reader a full Grierson experience. The conclusion is truly something to behold, and one will likely drown out all the proverbial noise to reflect on the words of the critic upon finishing.

Nebraska 2013 gets better and better with each paragraph and is worthy of its own room in any art gallery.     

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