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“Gravity” by Keith Phipps Is the Latest Wonder of World

In response to Keith Phipps’s 854‑word review of Gravity on The Dissolve

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Keith Phipps proves to be dedicated to his loyal followers by offering a unparalleled creation with the deeply moving “Gravity.”

One will read many reviews in their lifetime, but there are only a select few that will touch the heart with a monstrosity of an header image.

Keith Phipps makes a mark in the image game at the beginning of his Gravity, and the reader’s hair will be blown back by the sheer intensity and feeling evoked. It’s truly a sensation that one must experience without further description.

The content of Phipps‘ Gravity is not unlike a memorable wine tasting. The critic welcomes the reader in, seats them with care and offers glass after glass of sweet blends with slightly different variations.  

Beyond its groundbreaking visuals, Phipp’s Gravity will make its mark with the exceptional quality of writing, and readers will marvel at the remarkable transitions from influence, technology, performance and emotion. Phipps covers it all, and shows deep respect to the production team and readers.

If one is curious about what to expect from the lead, they will find it in Phipp’s Gravity. Bullock’s performance is inspected and presented with brilliant phrasing. Phipps constructs a blueprint for a rich viewing experience, and slowly builds a miracle of a review.

Gravity is essential reading, and the visual appearance is the cherry on top.    

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